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tv   FOX 45 News at 10  FOX  July 21, 2009 10:00pm-10:50pm EDT

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. >> were walking down this alley in medfield friday night. police say the kids proceeded to steal a wagon, go-kart, scooter and bike parts out of the
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backyard. >> my son was wrong, you know, he had no right to go on that man's property take anything. >> latoya said the police were just as wrong with how they handled the situation. >> cussed my son, and the older boy tomorrow sat on the curb and waited as they called the patty wagon. >> police say this is not a first. they have arrested seven-years-old before. >> and 8-year-olds and nine-years-old. people have been arrested and it is what the police department does. we have to hold people accountable. >> a 7-year-old that might have taken a go-kart out of a backyard, is not the same as a 17-year-old that just seriously hurt someone. >> regardless, both boys were processed. >> handcuffed continuously in northern district in a cell. for, approximately, 2 1/2 hours. >> officers then took the children, to the baltimore juvenile justice center where they were face-to-face with much older juvenile offenders. >> i would never do it again. >> in medfield, joy lepola, fox
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45 news at 10:00. >> well, police say the kids will need to take part in a mediation. and the victim said he is still wait wing to get some the bike parts back. all of this is the question of the day. we want to know what you think of all of this. did the police do the right thing. was there treatment of the kids justified? there is a huge response on this one tonight. and so far it is not even close. 96 percent say absolutely. the cops did the right thing. only 4 percent say no. thomas from baltimore writes, maybe if more children were held accountable for their crimes and scared straight at an early age they would be less likely to commit crimes as they were older. more responses coming up on the "late edition" at 11:00. >> man taken to the hospital after hit by an unmarked police car. it happened about 5:00, tonight near the intersection of milton avenue in fayette street in east baltimore. police say the person darted out in front of the unmarked car.
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pedestrian error. man suffered bumps and bruises but no life-threatening injuries. >> government reports warns against the use of cell phones while driving. research revealed the practice killed hundreds and injured thousands. but we have learned officials kept the findings secret. tonight it is uncovered. keith daniels tells us why the 2003 information didn't come out until now. >> well, pull up any number or stop the at a light and you could see it. >> i don't dial when i am in motion but i talk if someone calls me. >> someone talking or texting on a cell phone, while driving. >> i don't do it. you know, if i talk, you know, i pay attention. >> now, a federal report suggests chatting or texting behind the wheel could be as bad as driving while drunk. the practice cost nearly 1000 deaths, and 240,000 accidents overall in one year.
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a revealing published report that suggests a total ban on all cell phone use for drivers. the study comes from the national highway transportation and safety administration, created in 2002. but kept secret until now. in part, they say, because of officials didn't want to anger. >> if i could keep one family from feeling the way i heard. >> russell is among the critics that believes keeping the report quiet may have cost lives. >> any time you are behind the wheel and the vehicle is moving, you should be concentrating on driving, not using the devices that, in an instant, can change lives of people forever. >> it changed heard's life, only daughter heather died in november, killed by a man texting while driving a tractor trailer. since then, herd has been fighting for heather's law, ban on the total use of cell phones while driving. >> and not to get that information out, even to be used
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as a deterrent as the drivers that may think about using a cell phone while driving, borders on being criminal. >> keith daniels, fox 45 news at 10:00. >> now, earlier this year, maryland legislators passed a ban on texting while driving that law goes into effect october 1st. >> the economy, and budget cuts. maryland cuts almost $300 million it is not easy. >> choices that none of us would have liked to have made. >> and the budget crisis continues in baltimore. as some say cuts in the city threaten safety. >> they are playing with people's lives by doing this. >> tonight, budget deficits, the cuts to fix them and the problems they could cause. >> six baltimore city fire companies are not responding to calls tonight. firefighters say budget cuts have hit crisis levels. and the mayor is demanding even more cutbacks. now, there is a growing fear that the temporary closing may become permanent.
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kathleen cairns has more on the story you are seeing first on fox. >> in south baltimore, truck six is out of service tonight. >> and i understand that the closest fire station to service us is over in pigtown. >> randy friend's daughter was killed in a fire five years ago. >> this is a worst nightmare any mother or parents could go through to bury their children. >> now she worries the cutbacks may put other lives in jeopardy. >> yes. it is russian roulette, playing with people's lives by doing this. cut back on trash is one thing. cut back on a life is totally different. >> due to reductions, trucks and fire trucks are shut down for the night shift. >> by closing truck six you are affecting their response area. >> it affects a big section of the city. >> you know, this would be the district they would cover, includes brooklyn, curtis bay,
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cherry hill, locus point. our women and men are having to make harder and harder decisions because they know that companies that maybe right behind them in the past are not behind them right now. >> since july 8, drastic budget cutbacks for overtime have forced as many as six fire companies per shift to close. >> when there is a fire call, it is sort of like a thing of throwing a dart at the balloon to try to figure out where the companies are going to be coming from. >> now the mayor wants all departments to cut an additional 5 percent from their budget that is $7.5 million for the fire department. >> they should not close the firehouse. people need the the firehouse. >> the the effects are already t in south baltimore. >> we will not have any protection across the street whatsoever. people need this. >> kathleen cairns, fox 45 news at 10:00. >> well, tonight fire department officials tell fox 45 news that they are concerned, the fire chief has agreed to talk to us
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tomorrow about the situation. >> the chairman of the federal reserve said the economy is getting better. but ben bernanke said that improvement will happen slowly. and there will be some continuing problems. he said one of the biggest issues will continue to be high unemployment. >> job insecurity together with the declines in home values and tight credit is likely to limit gains in consumer spending. the possibility that the recent stabilization and household spending will prove transient is a important down site risk to outlook. >> the unemployment rate is 9 1/2 percent. fed revised the unemployment forecast saying it could go as high as 10 1/2 percent. before falling slowly. >> now, the federal reserve also said it may take five years for the economy to recover completely. >> the unemployment rate in maryland hits 7.3 percent in june. that is a 3 percent increase from june of last year. and more people are about to get laid off. one of baltimore city's most
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successful charter schools will be laying off four staff members. shortening the school day. and canceling saturday classes. the kip academy is in violation of a contract that requires teachers to get paid more for lo working a longer day. but it could not afford it. kip students scored in the top penn 10 percent of all middle schools in the state last year. >> getting a new job is becoming more difficult. there was a job fair at the baltimore convention center today. 36 companies were there. more than 2000 people looking for jobs showed up. the people there know the competition is tough. >> the market seems tight right now as far as what you really want and are looking for. as far as government jobs. independent jobs. everything is like (inaudible). >> 2500 people showed up for a similar job fair back in march. governor o'malley unveils a government cut reducing the
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$700 million deficit. cuts mean layoffs and big cuts to higher education. john rydell ask breaks down the numbers tonight. >> governor o'malley and his budget experts deliver the bad news to reporters. they are cutting $280 million from this year's budget. >> choices that none of us would have liked to have made, but that we had to make. in order to maintain fiscal responsibility, in our state's budget. >> the cuts include the layoffs of nearly 40 state employees. most from the department of natural resources, and health departments. higher education is also taking a major hit. a total of $40 million is being cut. 20 million is being transferred from the university system of maryland, to the state's general fund. >> we have protected our investment in public education. >> but the governor said there will be no cuts in k-12 education. and no significant cuts in public safety. maryland is one of seven states that has maintained the coveted aaa bond rating and the governor
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said additional tax hikes are not on the table. >> i would hope not. i would hope not. i think, families, every family, struggling and level of government is struggleing. >> first round will not include furloughs of state employees but governor of board of public works will have to approve $400 million in additional cuts by the fall. >> whether it is furloughs, no raises. they are not promoting or anything. >> other state employees say being furloughed is more preferable than being laid off. >> try and save some money. a little inconvenience. i could not see it as too much of a problem. >> with state revenues still declining, the governor admits, more painful budget cuts lie ahead. in baltimore, john rydell, fox 45 news at 10:00. >> $3 million is also being cut from stem cell research, and 5 1/2 million dollars is cut
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from the state lottery's advertising budget. >> storms moving through tonight. chief meteorologist vytas reid is here with the forecast. >> we got rain squeezed out of the atmosphere. a little cloudy today. later. some showers and thunderstorms starting to develop. but we got to see our share of sunshine as well. but looking at our hd radar. you can see over the city, no activity right now. but there were heavy showers over pikesville and luther and i will timonium. but pushed north. perry hall has a shower. but most activity is north of that. jarrettsville. north of belair and harford county. baltimore county, go up 83, north of mockton. heavy rain there. hempstead decent showers. and manchester, cross the line there, into carroll county, it looks like heavy showers in westminster and folks in union bridge about to get heavy rain, north of reisterstown getting rain as well. talking about the lightning. some activity has lightning associated with t north of
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reister down few rumbles of lightning. belair, still hearing rumbles of thunder. so looking at the activity moving north. but we have a couple of those cells that are heavier, in fact, national weather service had a severe thunderstorm warning in effect for carroll, and then also frederick county until 10:15 and that has expired. looks like the storms are starting to lose strength. >> overnight, temperatures are lower 70s. tomorrow morning, sun and clouds. late in the afternoon. by mid-morning, afternoon, clouds gather. and more thunderstorms. it will be hot tomorrow. 90 degrees. tell you more about the chance of showers and thunderstorms and how long the heat will stick around coming up in the seven-day forecast. >> thank you, vytas. >> you can be in charge of your own personalized forecast. i-radar, is now available at you can use the tools to track storms down to your street. go to and click on i-radar. >> no, not really.
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>> yes, i do. >> the can charge atmosphere over global warming. the passable evidence here, and the debate over what to do about it. it is our cover story later on fox 45 news at 10:00. >> but next. the things this nanny is accused of doing to the children she was caring for. >> and some northeast baltimore residents are literally planning
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>> a nanny in hyattsville is held on $350,000 bond. she is charged with showing porn to the kids she was taking care of. police say aza hrnjic is charged
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with child abuse and child pornography. mother of the three children she was taking care of, said she got suspicious when one of the kids told her that he didn't want aza hrnjic to care for him any more. when she started to ask questions, she discovered the nanny's sec and the called police. >> it is sick. like i said, there is not even a word that i can find to describe it. >> obviously her mental state is just, out there. >> well, at this point there is no indication that there are more victims but police want the public to contact them if aza hrnjic ever worked for them as a nanny. >> quarterback for the steelers, being accused of rape. a woman said it happened last summer in roethlisberger's pen house hotel room in lake tahoe. nfl star was in tahoe for a celebrity golf tournament. the lawsuit is seeking at least $390,000 in damages. roethlisberger's lawyer said his client will be fully exonerated. roethlisberger has never been
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charged criminally. >>. >> the owners of an apartment complex where nine people were sick from carbon monoxide are taking action. sewell realty that owns dutch village apartments is replacing hot water heaters. in four units. one in a vacant unit is blamed for the carbon monoxide leak that sent people to the hospital sewell realty owns coffeyville age apartments in essex, with a long history of carbon monoxide problems. >> group of maryland teens is out of quarantine after being secluded in a beijing hotel for three days. this is a picture of 16-year-old shimik released from the hospital. she and the teammates from the junior volleyball club were held there because they were on a flight with someone that developed swine flu. about 1800 americans have been quarantined in china, because of swine flu concerns dating back to may.
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200 of them, eventually tested positive for the virus. >> making the grade. maryland students are showing vast improvements in math and reading. but there is still room to grow. today the latest standardized test scores were released. and melinda roeder shows us what they mean. >> the "no child left behind" act took affect. maryland students are scoring higher in math and reading. the best results among younger kids. >> since 2003, elementary school students have improved their test scores. by 25 percent in both subjects. >> one key area of improvement is among sub groups while low income, minorities, and disabled students are still lagging far behind their peers. they are consistently closing in on that achievement gap. >> but there is still room for progress. >> we are never satisfied. we always think we can achieve at a higher level. >> under federal law, all students v are expected to meet
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proficiency standards by 2014. but right now, only 71 percent of maryland middle school students are there. >> i think, there are problems with the middle school. and we certainly need to be pushing more of our students. >> educational excellence. >> educators push for better scores in baltimore city schools. >> we have a long way to go. >> only 72 percent of students tested in baltimore are proficient or better in reading. and fewer than 64 percent meet standards in math. but those numbers are much higher than last year's. and city schools are celebrating their progress. >> at this elementary in baltimore. 100 percent of students scored proficient in reading. >> you have heard me say from day one that there are no excuses. and if one school can do it, all the schools can do it. >> melinda roeder, fox 45 news at 10:00. >> for more information about
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the test scores and to see how your child's school is perform ping. go to our website, click on "news links". >> family and friends of justin harrison gathered in east baltimore this evening. he was murdered one year ago today. his parents want top keep his memory alive and send a message to other communities in baltimore. >> in the crime rate is so high that after one murder after another. you know, it is just we can just bring attention to people in baltimore that, you know, they have to speak up. somebody have to know what went on here. >> harrison's killer has never been found. >> well, you would not think of a few seeds and dirt could change an entire neighborhood. but that's exactly what is happening in one community in northeast baltimore. myranda stephens is here with more. myranda? >> that's right jennifer. the area near harford road and 23rd street is one of the worst neighborhoods in the city. but thanks to hard work of residents it is blossoming into a neighborhood full of hope.
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>> they call her the mayor of the block. >> yes, i am the mayor of 25th street. >> unofficial title she wears with pride. >> it makes more of a leadership. it makes the neighborhood think they are looking up to someone. >> francis o'neil has been living in the dar lee park community for more than 50 years. a neighborhood once known for trash. >> made it a trash hood. >> and crime. >> i see people killed in front of my door. >> three-years ago, frances and other residents formed a community association, with a mission to take back their neighborhood. their first project, turning this abandoned garage into a garden of hope. >> even the kids don't play in the garden. respect the garden. >> from civic groups to city leaders, all pitched in to help build the garden and today they met again for a formal dedication. >> it is a symbol to us that all the things that we are going to accomplish in this wonderful neighborhood. >> and the work goes beyond
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beautifying the neighborhood. group rebuilt homes, improved parking, and even patrolled the streets once a month with locally police. it is an effort that hasn't gone unnoticed. >> the kids can run free simply not around to run around and play. i don't see much crime. i don't see police cars and sirens all night. so, i think, it is pretty good. >> pretty good, but still a long way to go. says the mayor. >> just the beginning. we are not discouraged at all. we are still working. >> and the grypes's next big project is turning a park pavilion in the neighborhood into a new recreation center. hope to have it completed some time next year. myranda stephens, fox 45 news at 10:00. >> the only organic dairy farmer in baltimore county said his farm is now saved. after months of fighting its neighbors in court, the pregel creamery is on track to open in the spring. today baltimore county announced $250,000 loan for the new
10:25 pm
business. the owner bobby pregel said without the creamery he may have had to sell the farm. >> because we cannot get to the scale that our competition is, 1000, 10,000, 30,000 cow herds, so we have to do something different. add value to the product. that is turning it into ice cream, cheese, milk, yogurt. >> neighbors had fought the creamery based on sonic issues but pregel won each case so far. some of the litigation is still in the appeals process. >> the ousted president of honduras may have escaped his country with more than the clothes on his back. washington times is working on a story into the investigation of whether he and his chief of staff stole millions of dollars from the honduras central bank before leaving the country. >> there were members associated with mr. sa lieya that went to the honduran central bank and we
10:26 pm
drew thousands of dollars in funds and delivered it to associates of mr. sa lieya before he was ousted in the coup. >> also in the times, one of the reasons behind rising tensions between the united states and israeli. and the inspector general fired by the obama administration, fights back. for more on these stories, go to and click on the washington times icon. storms moving through maryland. what will happen after the rain moves out is coming up in the sky watch forecast. >> it is all about shamelessly promoting the dealership. >> we are just trying to help ours. >> the weapon you will get for free, if you buy a car from this dealership. >> no. >> not really. >> yeah. >> yes, i do. >> but next. the heated debate over global warming. the evidence we may be seeing right here in maryland, and the
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. >> it is one of the hottest debates circling the globe right now. everyone from scientists to lawmakers, getting heated over global warming. is it really happening? megan gilliland has more in tonight's cover story. >> it has been called a joke. a scam. and a way to drain funds.
10:30 pm
and others say global warming is a matter of life and death. >> i think it is happening. >> no. it is not. >> no. >> not really. >> yeah. >> yes, i do. >> scientific consensus is that we are causing global warming. >> back in 2007, al gore captured the public's attention with his documentary, "an inconvenient truth". >> al gore wants to get fat and rich off of this stuff. that's all he is doing. >> studies show that global warming results from too much carbon dioxide in the air. climatologists said cars and industry leads to increase in greenhouse gases and could be responsible for more hurricane seasons and tornadoes. but the founder of the weather channel disputes some of the claims made by environmentalists, even going so far as filing suit against al gore for creating hysteria. >> the arctic ice cap, is melting more rapidly than had been predicted. >> essentially what he is saying is right on.
10:31 pm
he showed the world. >> tommy landers and his co-workers, believe it is happening but happening right here. >> here around the chesapeake bay we are the third most vulnerable state in the country to sea level rise. over 200 acres every year lost. the vast majority of the science activities across the world say there is concern. >> but for a majority of critics it is not whether the earth is wet getting warmer but whether man is to blame. and what kind of affects climate change will truly have? >> the potential impacts of global warming are first of all, quite a long ways away. because we have seen very little global warming so far. and secondly, they are probably going to be fairly mild and modest. >> real affect of the global warming debate could be on found in the pocketbook. >> it is not happening. another way to get money out of the pun maryland is one of northeastern states to pass a cap-and-trade program designed
10:32 pm
to reduce co2. it forces companies to clean up emissions or pay high fees if they produce pollution. >> i don't believe that passing legislation that is going to go destroy jobs, hurt the economy and make working for people pay more money for electricity. it will solve the problem. >> environmentalists believe the cost of inaction is far worse. >> the cost of fossil fuels is going up. people see that in the gas prices. just driving around. but we did have a report, and found by the year 2030, maryland would be spending $432 billion on oil, on cole, and on gas. and these prices will go up and up. >> while the global warming debate heats up, one everything seems to agree on. >> i think we need to take care of the earth. >> how it will be done is up in the air. megan gilliland, fox 45 news at 10:00. >> taking away tonsils to treat
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behavior problems. why it might work. coming up in the health check. >> all about shamelessly promoting the dealership. we are just trying to sell cars. >> well, there are all sorts of incentives to buy cars. free gas, free financing, but the promotion that is really boosting business, at one dealership. >> rain and lightning in maryland t diabetes and cancer, and they've heard that biomedical research
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offers hope -- that it could control, maybe even cure, their disease. senator barbara mikulski understands the importance of innovative biomedical research for patients, their families, and our economy here in maryland. call senator mikulski today. tell her thanks for protecting the promise of biomedical research and the maryland jobs it provides. it's not just the future. it's life.
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. >> well, good evening folks. looking at decent day out there today. a little bit of sun and clouds. and now we see a few showers north of the city. we will continue to see the showers and thunderstorms in northern parts of carroll county. baltimore county. and harford county over the next couple of hours. of dropping good rain. much needed rain. we have a lot of rain last month. now seeing a dry spell out there. we could use more moisture as the grass out there is getting brown.
10:36 pm
here is what's going on. 73 degrees downtown in inner harbour. mostly cloudy skies. winds out of the northeast at nine. and humidity levels 79 percent. so we are starting to see things change as far as the moisture contact coming into play. we will see the temperatures actually increasing as we get into tomorrow. so definitely it will be a hot muggy day out there. across the area, looking at the temperatures 74 degrees. richmond. 75 in baltimore. 67 in baltimore. cooler up in pennsylvania. and it looks like we will continue to see showers and thunderstorms firing up across the area. as we go through the next couple of days. nice line here north of baltimore city. dropping decent rainfall. we have severe weather about an hour or 45 minutes ago actually. we had severe thunderstorm warning for carroll and frederick county until 10:15. both expired. so no active warnings currently issued from the national weather service. just decent garden variety showers and thunderstorms. you can see how the cells fired up across the region. continue to see the activity here continue to push north. we will see the thunderstorms
10:37 pm
continue to drop heavy rain. make a right turn, so they could move across parts of central baltimore county. and then back into harford county. cecil county. so you may get a few rumbles of thunder. >> future scan tomorrow. morning rush hour commute starts out with sun and clouds. through the afternoon, we will probably still have a few sun rays out there. but clouds thicken up. pop up scattered showers through the late afternoon and evening. and better chance for rain, i think, will occur as we get into thursday. the potential is there to get decent heavy downpours of rain, possibly, by late afternoon and evening. as we continue to see the system pushing through the area. when actually a cold front, and a warm front will be converging through the area and it looks to be the best chance for rain. 86 tomorrow on the eastern shore. partly cloudy skies. slight chance for a shower in easton and denton as we get into the central portion of the state. better chance for showers and thunderstorms. looking at 89 to 90 degrees, winds out of the south at 10.
10:38 pm
so the southerly flow takes the temperatures up, and the humidity levels up as well. so keep the umbrella nearby. what is happening, we have a weak area of high pressure south of us. warm front out of the south. and this warm front continues to say push through the area, as we get through the day tomorrow. so temperatures will increase as we get into the late afternoon. hot and humid. and thursday, the cold front is backing in behind that. and that should fire off the atmosphere. that charges the atmosphere with a lot of instability. and then behind that, we will still see a less humidity toward the weekend. so here is what it looks like tomorrow. 90 degrees, 40 percent chance for showers. 87 on thursday. with a 60 percent chance for showers and thunderstorms. it will be another warm day, i think, friday. and start to see temperatures in the mid 80s as we get into the weekend. fox 45 sky watch weather is now at your fingers tips. i-radar is available at you can use fox 45 powerful doppler radar, to track coming storms. interactive tool lets you see exactly when rain or snow will be over your house. go to and click
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on i-radar. . >> business is booming for that missouri car dealer that has quite a promotion going on these days. >> god, guns and guts made the countries great. >> max is offering this deal. buy a car, get a gun. and not just any gun. ak-47. you might think a lot of people would be outraged. muller said 90 percent of the calls and e-mails coming in are from people that support the idea. >> ak-47 is primarily home defense, or a sporting gun. you would not use it for hunting. and we want people to have the right. we are firm believers in the second amendment and people should have the right to defend themselves. >> and his gun give away is paying off. business is way up. since he started to give out the $450 vouchers to buy a ak-47. >> thousands of people are following one man's every move on twitter. all day long, more than 37,000
10:40 pm
people want to know what mark po lan ski is doing. he is tweeting, from space. judy kurtz follows his tweets, in tonight's "word on the web". judy? >> mark po lan ski is only the second astronaut ever to use twitter while exploring the galaxy. known as astro 127 on twitter, he is incorporating the social networking site into his mission on board space shuttle endeavour. one of po lan ski's first tweets came once the shuttle lifted off after a month of delays. he messaged, this is so worth the wait. what a spectacular launch. earth is breath taking. time for bed now. another tweet said, floating on the flight deck of endeavor, listening to the only living boy in new york. life is good. big day today. but then they all are. and today was a space first. po lan ski answered questions submitted via twiter and "youtube". and for all the news right here on planet earth check out fox 45 "facebook" and twitter pages. follow our tweets or friend us,
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just go to and click on find us on facebook and twitter under the community features section. i am judy kurtz and that's tonight's "word on the web". >> still ahead on the news at 10:00. why some doctors say taking outten sills could fix sleep problems and other behavior problems in kids. >> and the chef with a fiery temper is back. what to expect on the new season of "hell's kitchen", when the
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>>tons electric tomorrows are not as common as they used to be. but new research shows they can be the key to fixing sleep disorders and behavioral problems in kids. new study followed 117 kids that had sleep disordered breathing and who got their tonsils and add nationwides remove. six months after the surgery, the kids were sleeping better and behavior was better. and 2 1/2 years later, some of the breathing problems did return, but they were not as bad as they were before surgery. >> it was out of the frying pan into "hell's kitchen" for 16 new chefs tonight.
10:45 pm
>> i said are you ready? >> gordon ramsey continued his hot headed antics during the season six premiere. the angry chef met his match in a fiery contestant tonight. and not the only spice you will see in the kitchen this season. >> for me the biggest time in season six is all the other contestants were back judging. >> watch "hell's kitchen" tuesday at 8:00, right here on fox 45 news. >> the orioles tried to avenge the 9th inning loss to the yankees. and find out where the new home will be
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. >> here is a final look at the forecast tomorrow. clouds gathering through the afternoon. chance for some showers and thunderstorms. about 40 percent chance. temperatures are going to get up to around 90. hot and muggy day out there. holding onto the heat for the next couple of days. 87 thursday. 60 percent chance for showers and thunderstorms. ' as a frontal boundary pushes through. friday holding on to warm temperatures, but cool down to the mid to upper 80s through the weekend. less humidity. 88 on saturday. sunday 86 degrees. chances for showers as well. that leads us into next week. kind avenue hot, humid next couple of days out there. i recommend keeping the umbrella nearby. maybe sunglasses as well. because you will see pokes of sunshine here and there down the road.
10:49 pm
back to you. >> thank you, vytas. >> orioles back in the bronx to play the yankees. bruce cunningham joins us now with "sports unlimited". >> coming up. after the walk off loss to the yankees, o's looking to bounce back. we have the highlights. >> and speaking of the birds, they looked to have a new home in florida for spring training. we will tell you where they will be headed in 2010. after putting up big numbers against the ravens in the past. is drew bennett headed to baltimore. details on that as well. "sports unlimited" starts right now. . >> given that they are on a road trip to chicago, new york, and boston, you had to figure the o's will struggle. and you would be right. heading into tonight in the bronx looking to avoid losing the fourth of the five games thus far on the current trip. top of the first. after brian roberts led off with a double. markakis grounds a single back up the middle. roberts scores from third.